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Today is my birthday and I want to take this opportunity to thanks all my friends, family and sponsors for supporting me to have this wonderful life. Special thanks to Linda and Arie, who are currently letting me stay at their wonderful place in Coolangatta, Australia.

Then of course also my family and friends back in Germany and France who are supporting me from the distance and all this huge amount of wonderful people all over the world who are helping me, whenever needed.

Like in „real“ live, there is not always sunshine, I was and I will still be faced with problems and troubles. Compared to the number of fantastic experiences I made, the inconveniences which they caused beforehand can nearly be neglected. Traveling is such a great experience, especially on a bike, I don’t want to miss it anymore.

Now I am 50 years old and I stopped thinking about what to do with the rest of my live. To many ideas are anyway popping up in my mind, so many things to do. When you are open for new things, also accepting challenges, it will continue in a very interesting way, especially if I don’t stay on paved roads.

By the way, it’s also Dervla Murphy’s birthday today. Congratulations to you, all the best and a lot of exiting cycling trips! (I don’t really think, she is reading my blog and I don’t have any contact information of her. Maybe one of you can help me)

The drawback of traveling is, you cannot celebrate birthdays with all your friends. Be sure, I will think of you and drink a glass of wine on you, the same procedure as (nearly) every year.

3 Gedanken zu „Extra Blog

  1. So Dorothee, Its your Birthday ? Well „HAPPY BIRTHDAY“ with lots of love, and I pray that this is the beginning of a wonderful yr for you filled with all your dreams come true. So what do you want for your Birthday ? Did you get any presents yet ? Have you been it touch with your family back home ? There wouldn’t be many people who have travelled as much as you in such a short time. All the best for the future and have a really great day. Kevin.

  2. hello Dorothee,
    happy birthday and more fine years. amazing to read your blog. Respect that you travell so far.
    So drink a good glass wine and enjoy your stay in down under.
    cay Boet (Ollanda)

  3. Happy Birthday ! ……auch von uns aus dem hohen Norden (Norwegen).
    Lese immer mit grossem Interesse mit und freu mich jetzt schon wieder auf Deinen naechsten Beitrag !
    Weiterhin alles Gute und vor allem eine gute Fahrt !
    Gruss, Ricarda

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