my new bicycle

„There are people who have money and people who are rich.“
Coco Chanel

my introduce you to „Hokey Pokey the Snow Leopard“:
it’s not that much different from my old one, I have choosen all the components again, which were really reliable during the last 86844 km, so hopefully they will last again minimum such an amount of kilometers.
The biggest difference is the front suspension (Thanks Magura!) and very fancy low rider: Artmann faiv. What else?:
– frame: Velotraum cross crmo EX
– gears: Rohloff
– breaks: Magura HS33
– front suspensian: Magura Menja
– rims: sun rheno lite
– rear rack: tubus logo
– tubes: Schwalbe
These are the main points.
The frame changed, the chain cannot be streched by moving the back wheel, instead there is this thingy at the bottom bracket. you move the bottom bracket to the front.

Thanks a lot to:

Any questions or comments?

Ein Gedanke zu „my new bicycle

  1. hello dorothee,
    i am following your blog now. on your way to spain 😉
    i more or less have the same bike like u. but i am using a racing handlebar. i cycled from germany to india on it. no probs. but last time i used another straight handlebar with this ergo horns for a trip. i directly got whist problems.
    i wish u good luck for your on going journey…all the best for ur whist and knees

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